Our mission is to support applications development using information technology with tools and techniques that do not depend on eyesight. We promote learning and collaboration in the use of computer languages to build useful products and services in society. Such applications benefit people with and without visual disabilities. All guests can read any of the content on the site. Anyone who wishes to contribute content may create an account with log in credentials. We welcome content contributions.

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Web Standards Course From the W3C

The W3C has put together free information on building web sites according to web standards. You can find the introduction to the information at http://www.w3.org/wiki/Introduction_to_the_Web_Standards_Curriculum.

Project Templates, App Starters, and Other Goodies

This article gives examples of starter projects and templates to get you going on various applications and projects. Check it out.


JAWS With Microsoft OneNote

There is a set of JAWS scripts for OneNote at http://www.onenoteblind.com/. You can also use the below tip to get OneNote working to some degree with JAWS.

  • Press Insert + 6 on the top row of your keyboard to make a new JCF file for OneNote.
  • Turn off control type in the verbosity options for the particular verbosity profile you are using.
  • Also turn off Control Name.

CMake Command Line Windows Example


Paul Martz contributed this tip to the Blind Programming group.

I've successfully used CMake command line to create VS project files on Windows, and my technique should easily adapt to linux and OSX makefiles.

Initially, I tried to use cygwin's CMake install, but apparently this doesn't come with a generator for Visual Studio. So I reverted to my CMake for Windows installation, which contains a command line cmake.exe.

Are there accessible options for MySQL?

Members of the Blind Programming e-mail group have had success with web-based MySQL clients such as PhpMiniadmin, from http://phpminiadmin.sourceforge.net/, PHPMyAdmin from http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php, and Adminer, from http://www.adminer.org/#download.

Are there free resources for people who want to learn to program?

There are many, free sites to learn programming. The following article recommends fifteen of them.


Here is another site with many tutorials on various languages and packages.

C Tutorial - Learn C - Cprogramming.com
Contains tutorials for C and C++. There are explanations, simple commented code examples and comments on good practice.

How do I get Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 working with JAWS?

This works for JAWS 14+ and VS2012+

  1. Install VS2012, or 2013.
  2. In the start menu/start screen, find JAWS14 or JAWS15>utilities>explore shared settings and press ENTER.
  3. Find ConfigNames.ini and copy it to the clipboard.
  4. In the start menu/start screen, find JAWS14 or JAWS15>utilities>explore my settings and press ENTER.
  5. Paste the ConfigNames.ini file in this location.
  6. Press ENTER to open the ConfigNames.ini file.
  7. In the file, add the following lines:<

    devenv:11=Visual Studio 2010 ; Visual Studio 2012

How do I add a control to a form using the keyboard in Visual Studio Professional 2010

When in solution explorer, after your new project has been created, do the

1. Locate your form. It is usually called form1.cs

2. Press ENTER on this file to open it in the forms designer.

3. Press CONTROL+W, then CONTROL+X to bring up the toolbox.

4. Use the arrow keys to find the control you want (button, textbox, listbox...), then press ENTER on the control name
to drop it on the form.

5. If you haven't done so, go to Window>doc as tabbed document, then press ENTER.

6. Press CONTROL+F4 to close the toolbox.

What resources are available for learning math and math accessibility?

http://access2science.com is a site that contains math accessibility information.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/maths/ is a web site for learning math.

Visual Basic Tutorials

Here's a collection of Visual Basic and Visual Basic 6 tutorials recently shared by Rick USA and Jamal on the Programming-l e-mail list. Two are for Window-eyes, but all of these can be applied to any screen reader.

Direct TV Scripts By Donald Marang

Donald Marang has created scripts he uses to automate recording shows on Direct TV. Here's what he says about them.


NVDA is an open source screen reader.

NVDA Home Page.

Get NVDA plug-in's from http://stormdragon.us/nvda.

Get information about scripting for NVDA from http://www.webbie.org.uk/nvda/.

Get information about how to install components such as voices and plug in's from http://homepages.slingshot.co.nz/~hurrikenny/how%20to%20install%20additi....

BlindTunes JAWS Scripts For ITunes

John Martin has created a set of JAWS scripts for ITunes. You can join the development team or the mailing list that has grown up around this script set. John welcomes contributions to the scripts and suggestions.

Download the source here:

JAWS Scripts For Script Manager By The Snow Man

You can get a free set of scripts for the
script manager by the snow man, along with many other well-known script sets for JAWS at http://snowmanRadio.com. Here is what Jim says about them.

I use these all the time myself, and find them wonderfully handy.

Some of the features provided are as follows:

Put your cursor on a function call, and press f9 to jump directly to the
body of that function. Press control+f9 to return back to the calling
point. Works only in the present JSS file,as do many of these.

Sample Visual Basic 2010 project for using the Microsoft Translator API

Rick USA has contributed the attached zip archive. It contains a project built with Visual Basic 2010 Express.

How Do I Get The C# Compiler To Work From The Command Line In Any Directory?

Thanks to TJ for contributing this to the program-l e-mail group.

You are getting the message:

csc.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or a batch file...

All this message really means is that the system cannot find the program requested, because it is not in the current path of directories it checks.

There are many ways to add a directory to the path. I will show you the one that I use.

Learn Python The Hard Way Gets A Second Edition

The web book Learn Python The Hard Way now has a second edition. See it at http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/

The philosophy behind the book is to get the Python learner good at solving programming problems independently and comfortable with reading documentation and digging for answers. The tutorial takes a gentle pace and really works well.

Mercurial Tutorial

http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/Tutorial is a tutorial that explaines how to use Mercurial, a decentralized software management system. This kind of software allows team members on a project to work independently of one-another and distribute their changes back to the project without the need to coordinate changes.

SVGToSIG by Amanda Lacy

This is a converter which allows owners of non-Tiger embossers to emboss SVG files. This program was tested with files created using the latest version of the free and fully accessible drawing program SVGDraw01, which can be found at dickbaldwin.com. SVG files created using an earlier version of SVGDraw01 or with some other program are not guaranteed to work with this version of SVGToSIG. Note that this program is meant to create files for non-Tiger embossers which emboss at 12 dots per inch.

How to make Backtrack Linux 5 RC1 VMWare accessible with speakup

I set the Virtual machine Memory to 1600MB, this is optional.
Wait for Backtrack 5 rc1 to start up.
Type root and press Enter to login.
Type toor and press Enter, to enter the password.
You may need sighted help to do some of the following instructions. Once you get speakup working, the command line will, of course be accessible:

Fix the audio bug in Backtrack 5

The following has been copied from an answer given on the Backtrack Forum :
To get to Backtrack GUI, type startx after you login.

Where can I find information about the C++ language?

http://www.cplusplus.com. This site contains both non-technical and technical material

about the C++ language. There is also material about the C language here.

If you want to learn about Win32 programming, check out http://www.winprog.org/.

Where can I find a JavaScript Document Object Model reference?

You can find a full Document Object Model JavaScript Reference at http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/default.asp.

What mailing lists exist for blind programmers?

Blind Geeks -- Where Blind People Learn Programming

BlindWebbers -- List for blind and visually impaired web authors

dev-accessibility -- Accessibility of Mozilla products to those with disabilities

Dolphin Scripting Forum -- Discuss scripting speech, braille, or magnification with Supernova

GW-Scripting -- Discussion list for information regarding the development and use of Window-Eyes scripts

Is there job training specifically for blind programmers?

Lion's World Services For the Blind has a curriculum called Enterprise Solutions Programming -- a 10-month course which prepares clients to work in a wide
range of programming environments including .NET and others. Exams for Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) are offered through the program.

What programming languages are most useful on Linux?

To contribute to the community, it is helpful to know one or more of the following languages:

* Bash schell scripting. This may be the easiest language to learn in Linux, and it is very powerful. Bash scripts are used throughout most Linux systems
to control practically everything.

Bash Guide for Beginners

Main Page - Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook

GNU Bash Reference Manual

What distributions (distros) of Linux are accessible?

You can use a screen reader on another computer to log into any distro remotely, and then use it accessibly in a console mode session. Some mainstream distros
can be made to come up talking, without sighted assistance. There are blind programmers who love Debian, Arch, Knoppix, and Gentoo, for example. Ubuntu
Lucid currently holds a small lead over other main-stream distros in terms of default accessibility on the Gnome desktop, though more experience hackers
often prefer other distros.

Is there an IDE designed with screen reader support?

Sodbeans is being developed at
You can download it from

What tools are recommended for building installation programs?

Inno Setup

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)

Is there a simpler language available, e.g., one that does not involve object oriented programming (OOP)?

AutoIt is a Visual Basic-like language that is freely available from

Autoit's documentation is at http://www.autoitscript.com/wiki.

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